Sobre Joanna


PicsArt_1428010573136Joanna Cifredo is as a Writer and Health Equity Advocate. Joanna started her career in community service as a youth health educator in Central Florida and eventually transitioned to direct services working for The Florida Department of Health where she provided case management services to those living with HIV/AIDS.

After relocating to DC, she continued her service to the community lending her time to Empoderate DC’s only bilingual community center serving exclusively DC’s Latino MSM and Trans population after which she served as the Brand Ambassador to the DC Rape Crisis Center to Power a Culture of Consent.

Joanna serves on the Board of Directors to Whitman Walker Health and is the recipient of the 2015 Visionary Voice Award by National Sexual Violence Resource Center for her work Health Equity and Trans-Inclusive Healthcare, she was also honored by Mujeres en el Movimiento as one of DC’s Rising Stars.

Most recently Joanna birthed the idea of a city wide forum between trans and cis women of color as a way to model a conversation across differences and showcase what safer more inclusive spaces could look like. SIS to CIS is a space to celebrate the woman in all her forms and pose the question “What does it mean to be a woman on the margins in today’s society?”

Currently Joanna is collaborating with the National Latina Institute for Reproductive Health working on producing a documentary about trans healthcare.

Joanna was recently featured alongside her family in Before God: We are all Family, a new short film from the HRC Religion and Faith Program’s A La Familia project.

Joanna es una mujer trans-latina que vive en Washington, DC, en medio de su transición a ser la mujer que siempre ha soñado  en convertirse. Joanna, de raíces puertorriqueñas divide su tiempo entre su trabajo para una cadena hotelera local, promoviendo la conciencia de los asuntos transgénero y escribiendo su novela: A Dark Road to Peace. Joanna y su familia aparecen en el documental A La Familia, Ante Dios: Todos somos familia de la Campaña de Derechos Humanos (HRC) Departamento de Religión y Fe.