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  1. margaret says:

    21 de junio de 2014 at 05:46 hrs.

    Joanna, you and Janet Mock have a parallel life. You have both suffered and struggled because you were born in the wrong gender. Your gender identification was exterior and not interior. It is hard to understand all that you, Janet and millions of people who were born this way have gone through.. I think that the time will come when everyone will understand the circumstances of your being. I know it is not easy for the families who welcomed a child of a certain gender into their lives with happiness and loved them unconditionally. I can also understand when everything turns around and that child is not of that gender, although on the outside he/she is of one sex and then is not comfortable being what he/she is on the outside because inside, he/she is the opposite. I knew when you were about 3 years old and I took you to JC Penney to buy you some shoes. You went towards the girls shoes and I told you those were for girls. I knew in so many different ways that you were not a “boy”. That being said, I was afraid that you would be hurt and that you would be ridiculed by the ignorant and biased people in this world. I have always loved you and will always love you unconditionally. You WERE my grandson and now you ARE my granddaughter. Don’t ever doubt that for a moment. You have to realize that we, as a family, have to adjust also. My love for you has not changed, it has intensified because of your assertiveness and your gumption to move on and be who you were meant to be. God bless you always and know that I love you.


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